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Kokeellisen elektroniikan seura / Association of experimental electronics

Lo-tech, lo-fi, creative electronics, circuit bending and more.

Our basic idea is, that all electronic sounds are just amplification of alternating current, so any device that can be used to produce or modify the current can be used as an electronic instrument. We just take any device, open it, test it, bend it and experiment with it as long as we get it to work in a way we consider interesting.

We work mostly with electronic waste. We do that for two reasons:

1. The stuff we dig from the thrashbins sounds so much better than any pluginshit.
2. Todays digital technology -based lifestyle is not ecologically viable.  The lifespan of all devices is getting shorter and shorter, and  the amount of consumers wanting all new digital gizmos is rising exponentially. Think about it, how long can this continue?

Step out of the line, into the world of experimental electronics, the low end of all soundproduction.


Dorkbot Helsinkiis now operating, check some pictures from the first even in flickr AEE at dorkbot Helsinki
6.1.2007 Happy new year to everyone, remember the dorkbot helsinki event tomarrow 7.1.2007 15.00 in Kiasma seminar room. We will present our new art-automation project, and Tuomo Tammenpää will present his work and Petri kola will have a LED-graffiti workshop.
11.12.2006 Back from la braderie de lart event, Robaux France.
More pictures

8.11.2006 We are working on new devices all the time, check what is going on at our AEE equipment pool at flickr

Harris rhytmicspaceorgan Rhytmicspaceorgan

22.10.2006 Pictures from at flickr


5.10.2006  Back from Name Festival, France. Some pictures


01-09.2006 Got some pictures uploaded on the Flickr. Pictures from Århus

Workshopexhibition in Spanien 19, Århus

31.08.2006 Did a little updating on the site, some pictures coming when I get them sorted out.

15.05.2006 Now we had the change to test our bikini-wrestling sound interfase in La-Bas event last saturday. Still in beta state, but the idea is to measure the galvanic skin responce of two wrestling girls and to use the values to control the sound.

0.05.2006 We are now back from Norway, getting ready for our first gig in finland this year. So next saturday 13.05.2006 we will be playing in La-Bas event in Puristamo, cabelfactory helsinki. Our set appr 23.00, lots of international performance art before us.

03.05.2006 We are now back from Paris, leaving to Norway tomorrow

More Paris pictures online now

Now we are back From Tallinn, great gig in Plektrum, Von Krahl Theater. Next we will start the preparations for Mal Au Pixel Event in Paris, 27-28.4.2006

Will post more material from Tallinn soon.

16.12.2005 Hellsinki Troll event in Kontula

Petri kola doing the mobile documentation for the event on m2hz

Video 1 2

4.12.2005 Noise-opera, third act Factory Bar Helsinki

Picture by Uula

Picture by Uula

12.11.2005 some mixtape(taan) pictures added

Picture by Uula

13.10.2005 some hot experimental electronics action in Liberte, Kolmas linja.

After 20.00, be early.

07.10.2005 Baltic raw pictures

27.08.2005 Some Vestfossen pictures online. 

23.8.2005 Just came back from the Norway. I am just arranging the pictures, and will be adding those here very soon.

23.7.2005 Still time to participate our Vestfossen workshop in Norway. Workshop will take place 17.-21.8.2005. More info in buro21 page. Coming up some hot soldering action and great exhibition possibilities.

22.7.2005 HUOMIO
ainutlaatuinen tilaisuus nähdä Kokeellisen Elektroniikan Seuran Kansanmusiikkitestiryhmä livenä Laitama tapahtumassa Viikissä 30.7. Kansanmusiikkitestiryhmämme soittaa kokeellisilla sähkösoittimilla ikivihreitä tanssimusiikkiklassikoita, kuten Jätkän humppa.

We will be playing some experimental folk music in Laitama event. Unique opportunity to hear us play some finnish evergreens with our experimental equipment. 

23.6.2005 added some pictures from the Malmö workshop

22.6.2005. Just came back from Malmö after intensive experimental electronics workshop. Will be adding more material soon, here is some pictures from the opening of the workshop exhibition in Buro 21.

14.3.2005 videoita päivitetty arkistosivulle / archive page updated

8.3.2005 laitepalstaa päivitetty / equipment page updatet

3.3.2005 Lisätty kuvia lumo klubilta. / Pictures from Charm of sound club

Kuva: Uula

16.02.2005 Ensiviikolla ollaan keikalla Koko teatterissa clubilla 27.02/ Gig at Charm of sound club at Koko Teatteri 27.02.2005

11.02.2005 Lisätty rosegarden MP3 / added MP3

10.02.2005 Aloitin kokeellisen elektroniikan blogin/ blog started

9.2.2005 lisätty rosegarden video: iso tiedosto (270mb) pieni tiedosto (15mb)/ Rosegarden video added

AEE live at rosegarden 3.2.2005 Seuraavaksi Kokeellisen audioelektroniikan kurssi Taikissa/Next we will be teaching experimental electronics in UIAH 21.2-25.02.05

AEE live at rosegarden 3.2.2005

Musatorstai Rosegarden 3.2.05 kuva: Uula

10.01.2005 lisätty La-bas taidehalli video / added a video