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my groups:

Kokeellisen elektroniikan seura / association of experimental electronics

Amfibio VJ collective

muu ry finnish association of  interdisciplinary artists 

Piknik frequency organizer of pixelache festival


my blogs:

Antti Ahonen Diary My photodiary

Katutaso My street art photoblog

Laiteblogi My deviceblog (in finnish)

Pseudomorfoosiblogi my culturemorphological blog (in finnish)


Antti Ahonen is rather common name in finland, there are several other people named Antti Ahonen here. So I crawled through Googles 500 first Antti Ahonen related pages, so you would not have to. 

As a conclusion I must say, that dispite the number of men named Antti Ahonen, my homepage is the only functioning Antti Ahonen homepage you can find with Google. 

Here is teh summary of Antti Ahonen related google hits:

Antti Ahonen things related to me

Antti Ahonen things NOT RELATED  to me

Polyteekkari intervievs Antti Ahonen, Yes it´s me allright

Pixelache 2004 artists

Pixelache 2005 organizers

Pseudotoad gigography Blog and here

Baltic Raw

Text about Lá-bas document exhibition

Muu maanantai III Diaprojisio Yrjänä Sauokselle ja Jarmo Saarelle 

Annantalos sähkölaboratorio course  is related to me, also taiteidenyö project

Byro21 workshop adverticement

Net Art's Cyborg[feminist]s,
Punks and Manifestos, photo credit

Alt partys altmag link relates to me, I did write in there.

Public opinion credits for photography

Antti Ahonen links related to Kontufest., like this kassandra link2004 or 2003 Taidekulma link

I think Antti Ahonen in kuvasto members page refers to me.

Antti Ahonen who won an Avanto DVD from their visitor survay is me.

Antti Ahonen, student in Taidekoulu Maa year 2000 was me

Antti Ahonen in Kumpula society is me, allthough I already moved out of Kumpula.

Antti Ahonen at blogshares: Its me, but it´s only a game.




Antti Ahonen  from Kokoomus youth (finnish rightwing party) Have also registered url. Links that point to band named Midevil art, like this Hiljaiset levyt Demo review or melankolia relate to same Antti Ahonen

Comic drawing Antti Ahonen is not me either.

Art student Antti Ahonen from LAMK is not me

Antti Ahonen, who is sellin used industrial robot is unfortunately not me

Antti Ahonen with video in Lá-bas Turku. I do a lot of things in Lá-bas, but I don´t remember making videos. 

Antti Ahonen
Events & Entertainment

Antti Ahonen who made the drum improvisation for this play  is not me

Composer Antti Ahonen is not me

The preacher Antti Ahonen  is not me

Antti Ahonen from Tekes, also this

Antti Ahonen  from Neuromag

Docent Antti Ahonen, managing director from Biomag

Docent Antti Ahonen  in

Antti Ahonen from finnish inverse society 

Antti Ahonen Synphony Lahti, International Tuba and Euphonium Conference ITEC, Lahti, August 11, 2001

Antti Ahonen  40 years of accounting for osuuspankki

Antti Ahonen from Helsinki breathing association

SM-shooting Antti Ahonen

Antti Ahonen who got the golden cross from war veterans is not me


Pictures related to me

Pictures not related to me

Memnon japan catalog

Selfish Shellfish in rockomondo

Pixealache pictures , Aether






Antti Ahonen from LAMK

Antti Ahonen Events & Entertainment

Antti Ahonen Off-road paja

Mideavil art with Antti Ahonen from Kokoomus. Antti Ahonen in Black leather.

Antti Ahonen from Neuromag

Antti Ahonen, lungspecialist